How Ratings and Reviews Can Help a Business
Posted by softwareonlinereview, 01/09/2018 6:55 am

Online ratings and reviews are becoming more important than ever. This is essentially the word of mouth of the internet. It is very easy for people to go online and write things that create your reputation. Businesses thrive on good or bad reviews in many ways.


Reviews create content for businesses online. When people take the time to write a review, it tells a story about the business. This story can actually have keywords that relate and tie back to the business. The content of the story plays a part in boosting up where the business shows organically on search engines. An online review management software can track this for the business to let them know how much they move up in search engine result rankings.


Consumers make buying decisions based off of online reviews. When they see a business that has ratings and reviews, this creates trust. It shows that people have not only used the business before but that they thought enough of their experience with them to go online and write about it.

Lead Generation

There are certain sites on the world wide web that are specifically for reviews. Many of these sites allow consumers to do searches by reviews. They may also show the company with the highest amount of reviews first. If a business can work there way into the top 3 on a review site just by the number of reviews, this generates much more interest from consumers. The best thing about this process of lead generation is that it does not cost any money. All a business has to do is make sure to ask people who have had an experience with them to go online and rate them and leave a review.


By consumers leaving reviews online about a business, the owners are more likely to be accountable for what is right or wrong. For example, if a customer had a bad experience at a restaurant and leaves a review about it, the ball is then in the court of the restaurant to handle the problem and respond.

When people leave reviews, most business owners are not aware unless they have an online reputation management program. These programs monitor many sites and alert business owners when someone has said something about them. They are critical to have in today's business world.

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